Friday August 19th  is the Blue Moon Swing “Summer Blues” dance. August is hot weather time, and dancing to Blues is a perfect way to dance in hot weather. Enjoy the sultry sounds of Blues, Soul and R&B and dance the night away, all for $5

This month the musical theme Blues Music, and dancing to it.  The Intermediate Lesson at 8:30 will explore 12-bar Blues, slow blues, and changing your core WCS moves to match the music

Want to dance early? We have Two-Step lessons & then CW dancing from 7pm to 8.30pm. Then a quick WCS Intermediate lesson as mentioned above at 8:30, and full-on WCS from 9pm to midnight.


Friday June 17th will be Blue Moon’s “Dance n’ Stay” event.

A fun event in Bend, Oregon every year in June is Dance n Play. However, if you’ve decided to dance right here at home, Blue Moon Swing is Friday June 17

new addition! CW music from 7pm to 8.30pm. Then a quick WCS Intermediate lesson, and full-on WCS from 9pm to midnight. All for $5.

This time we’ll be joined by two veterans of swing from Texas, Richard & Roxanne Ware. They represent the epitome of great social dancers: they dance with everyone and they just don’t stop until the last song plays. You’ll really enjoy their take on having a great dance night.

They’ll also be in Seattle that entire weekend: Blue Moon on Friday, a  jaunt to Steel Creek in Tacoma on Saturday and then the Seattle Swing Club dance on Sunday June 19th. I’m happy to say I’ll be djaying at SSDC that Sunday as well.

A full weekend of dance, and all local.

Blue Moon’s next dance is this Friday, May 20th

Our first dance with warm weather since last September — any excuse to dance is a good excuse!

If you’ve decided you don’t want to do the 8-hour haul down to SOSwing in Oregon, you’ve got a great dance weekend ahead: Thursday at China Harbor, Friday at Blue Moon, Saturday at KDC or SteelCreek.

Also, happy news for CW lovers: I’m close to inking a deal on another space for a monthly ‘Swing meets Country’ dance where you can get in a few hours of Two Step and then segue directly into a few hours of West Coast Swing. Details forth-coming, but there’s free parking, a bar, food, A/C (!!), and a perfect dance floor for fun.

BlueMoonSwing and the Seattle Swing Dance Club are teaming up! I’m delighted to be teaching two workshops and djaying the night away at SSDC’s May Day Dance, Sunday May 1, 2016

It’ll be May. And a Sunday. And almost certainly nice weather. So here are three great reasons you really want to be there:

Workshop #1 (4:00pm): “Groovin’, On A Sunday Afternoon”
Aretha sang a song dedicated to swinging on a lazy Sunday. There’s a special sort of music made for just such days and you need a special way to swing to it! Learn the essentials of changing your dance to match the groove sound of blues, soul, jazz, & gospel swing. All levels.

Workshop #2 (5:00pm): “Tuck You!”
How to master this hardest of basic moves: open tucks…closed tucks…round, soft, hard, and sassy tucks. You’ve never seen it taught this way. All levels.

Then DANCING from 6pm-10pm!

OK, that’s two reasons. The third is:

It takes money to run a club, especially a club that puts on a national swing event. I invite you to come help the club replenish the coffers after Easter Swing. I myself will be donating my portion of the fees from the workshop back to the club. Coming to the workshops means you’re helping the SSDC!

Blue Moon is happy to announce that swing dance pros Doug & Nikki Silton will be at Blue Moon’s next dance, Friday, April 8th! (and in Seattle teaching all weekend)

The Siltons are the best championship-level dance teachers in the Pacific NW still on the competition circuit. And they also know how to dance classic swing, pretty rare these days. Details on their weekend; you can email them directly to arrange to take a private at .

You can enjoy them all weekend!


Doug & Nikki Silton will give a special workshop at 8:30pm at the Blue Moon dance on Friday, and then spend the evening — the whole evening — social dancing with us. They are available for privates that Friday afternoon in West Seattle.


Doug & Nikki are leading workshops Saturday afternoon at the Century Ballroom  organized by Wren Newman. Details and sign up for the workshops here umbrella (will post more details on that as soon as I know).


They are available on Sunday for privates again, since they usually sell out and have to post extra hours. Definitely take advantage of this opportunity to break out of the Seattle Slow!

Want a Private?

If interested, please contact them directly at (Blue Moon is not taking any ‘cut’ from their time here, and the workshop on Friday evening is a free part of the Blue Moon dance.


Our Blue Moon WCS Barn Dance remains so popular as an ice-breaker! Looking forward to it in April!

Two nights of late night swing dancing in Seattle, this weekend! Friday March 4th and again on Saturday March 5th, 2016, both nights with DJ Johnny Q!

$5 bucks to dance all night!

The Emerald City Hoedown has made a special request for a late night classic swing room at their 2016 event, this coming weekend. And you’re all invited!

It’s rare to have late night swing in Seattle, esp when there isn’t a swing-specific event in town. So this Friday and Saturday warm yourself up for Easter swing and dance late in the city for a change of pace, right downtown


location: Renaissance Seattle downtown (5th Ave & Madison St), 515 Madison St.  (206)-583-0300

price: $5 !!

times: Friday, 11pm – 3am (or later, if you keep dancing)

times: Saturday, midnight – 3am (or later, if you keep dancing)

Emerald City Hoedown proceeds go to charity. So your dancing dollars provide you a good time and then turn right around and help fellow humans.

We had exceptionally good turn-out at our last Blue Moon Swing dance, with 50 people at the Musical Swing Rhythms lesson and 137 people at the dance. Thanks, Seattle!

We also raised some money in excess of paying for the venue, so that’ll be going to a dance charity. This time, the Juniors Charity at Seattle Easter Swing.

Blue Moon’s post-Valentine’s dance is Friday, Feb 19 … do you know what that means? Each Valentine’s day we have a special workshop on what swung rhythm is, musically. It might surprise you to learn that many dancers don’t learn this sort of thing — it’s not taught in dance class, though musicians learan it early — and knowing what’s happening in the music lets you do all sorts of great things with your feet!

So stop by. We’re going to hear rhythms that are swung hard and soft, we’ll talk about straight rhythm, swing rhythm, accelerated swing, decelerated swing, syncopated swing, lilting, oooh I’m getting all giggly just thinking about it. No previous knowledge of music needed, just a willingness to learn. Five basic WCS standard moves assumed; we’ll do variations on the basics so your feet can match the music.

And of course, the dance itself which is notoriously eclectic swing, with a pizza outing afterwards.

Our Blue Moon WCS Barn Dance turned out to be a hit and quite popular! So much so that the Barn Dance will now be a regular feature each month.

Blue Moon Swing Jan 15, 2016

January 12th, 2016

New Year’s Resolution: dance, dance, dance!

Blue Moon kicks off its second decade of swing dancing Friday, Jan 15, with an eclectic mix of classic & contemporary swing. And as always, dancing at Blue Moon Swing is FREE!

Our Blue Moon WCS Barn Dance turned out to be a hit and quite popular! So much so that the Barn Dance will now be a regular feature each month.

Last month’s attendees guffawed and giggled when Santa and the Blue Moon Swingers showed up, so hmm, perhaps this calls for a semi-annual performance group?

Holiday Dance, SUNDAY, Dec 20, 6pm

Blue Moon happily announces its annual Ho-Ho-Ho-liday Dance, on a special SUNDAY Blue Moon, Decem-brrr 20, 2015! The festivities start at 6pm, Dec 20

Join us for an eclectic mix of classic & contemporary swing, including special holiday music that swings!

Snack Luck?

Also bring something for a pot luck…well, more like a “snack-luck”. Or tapas-luck, or whatever. Little Bites to snack and share as part of your holiday cheer.  Cookies? Chips? Chocolate? All of these tasty bribes work when asking someone to dance. Blue Moon is providing soft drinks. (you are allowed to bring your own non-soft drinks)

And as always, dancing at Blue Moon Swing is free, Free, FREE! Special commendations if you show up dressed as Santa, or a dreidel. Or bring 7 friends and come as a a set of reindeer, or a menorah. Or your favorite kwanzaa mazao. It all works if you dance!


Last month’s attendees oooh’ed and aaah’ed when the free raffle prize winner Kay from West Seattle won a private lesson with Jessica Cox! Come and dance with Kay on Dec 20 and see what she learned!


Again: special SUNDAY dance, starting at 6pm, Dec 20